Robteam_everest and James both returned to base camp slightly prematurely last week, Rob through an illness that caused a complete loss of appetite, and James a few days later as a result of a chest infection. Both however are now recovered well, and have two more days left at base camp. Illness is part of Everest expeditioning, and fortunately it has not affected their acclimatisaton: they both made wise decisions to return to base and recover. They will leave base camp on Friday to return to ABC and the North Col, which they will climb twice, once on Sunday and once to sleep two nights there on Tuesday and Wednesday. The latter trip will involve climbing above the col to 7500m, completing their acclimatisation. They have a series of media interviews via sat phone coming up in the next couple of days and upon their return to base camp, whilst waiting for the summit weather window.

April 26th

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