Rcrukob and James have just arrived at Advanced Base Camp after climbing to 7300m, the highest either of them have climbed before, and a height that marks the final height of their acclimatisation schedule. They previously spent two nights on the North Col at 7000m, and they will return to the main base camp tomorrow to rest and wait for a summit window. Having climbed close to the 7500m that was planned, they were turned back by a storm, an indication that the weather might still be unpredictable. However 5 sherpas have already summitted from the North Side, on April 30th which is unusually early. From Rob and James’ point of view, a little time at base camp waiting for a more complete weather window would be ideal for recovery and preparation. Congratulations to the sherpas for this, and to Rob and James for completing their acclimatisation, and we look forward to hearing more from them at base camp, and hopefully seeing some pictures which we will post on the site.

May 4th

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